About Us

Dublin Pike Angler’s, Ireland’s premier angling club.

The Dublin Pike anglers was set up in 1986 and since has become one of the leading clubs in Irish pike fishing. The club caters for anglers of all abilities and backgrounds. In recent years we have had club member reach national finals, win national finals and go on to represent Ireland in international competitions.

Each year the club runs seasonal competitions Spring, Summer and Winter. Each seasonal competition holds its own merit but it is the winter league that is the stand out coveted competition to win.

Dublin Pike Anglers winter league

The winter league has been won by many a great angler, most of whom have at success outside the club in national and international competitions. Our most recent winner of the 2016 winter league was none other than the Chairman of the club Joey Bonnie. 

The Dublin Pike Anglers prides itself on being a “catch and release club”. We respect the fish that supply us with the sport we love. All pike are treated with the utmost care and returned safely to the water after they are caught. We urge all anglers to adopt the same mentality and if not least to follow the Pike and Course Angling Bye Laws of Ireland.

Pike and Coarse Angling Bye laws

The following laws have been introduced to conserve our pike and coarse fish stocks. Breaches of these laws could lead to the confiscation of rods, boats and tackle. Heavy fines can also be imposed.

• In the Pike and Coarse Angling Bye laws “coarse fish” means any fresh water fish other than pike, salmon, trout, eels or minnow; CONSERVATION OF PIKE
BYE-LAW NO. 809, 2006
• It is prohibited to kill more than 1 pike in any one day,
• It is prohibited to kill any pike greater than 50 cm in length,
• It is prohibited for any person to have in their possession more than 1 whole pike less than 50cm or more than 0.75 kgs of pike flesh.
• (i) It is prohibited for a person to have in his or her possession more than 12 coarse fish for use as bait in fishing for pike
• Where a person has more than 4 coarse fish in his or her possession for use as bait in fishing for pike, the person, in respect of fish in excess of that number and subject to the paragraph (i) above must have –
• (a) Obtained the fish from a fish tackle dealer or fish bait supplier registered with the Regional Board in whose fisheries Region the dealer or supplier carries on business,
• And
• (b) Obtained and retained a receipt of their purchase. CONSERVATION OF AND PROHIBITION ON SALE OF COARSE FISH BYE-LAW NO.806, 2006
• A person shall not take and kill by any means more than 4 coarse fish on any one day.
• A person shall not take and kill by any means any coarse fish greater than 25cm in length measured in a straight line from the tip of the snout to the fork
of the tail.
• Any coarse fish taken inadvertently in contravention of this Bye-law must be handled carefully and returned without avoidable injury to the waters from which they have been taken
• It is prohibited for any person, other than in the Louth Area or Moville Area, to sell or offer for sale any coarse fish caught by
any means.
• “Louth Area” has the meaning assigned to it by section 31 of the British –Irish Agreement Act 1999 (No.1 of 1999);
• “Moville Area” has the meaning assigned to it by section 2 of the Foyle Fisheries Act 1952 (No.5 of 1952).
• It is prohibited to use or attempt to use live fish as bait in fishing in fresh water.
• It is prohibited to transfer for any purpose live roach (Rutilus rutilus) from any waters to any other waters
• It is prohibited to fish for pike or coarse fish by any means whatsoever other than by rod and line
• A person may not attempt to fish for pike or coarse fish in freshwater with more than two (2) rods at any one time CONSERVATION OF EEL FISHING BYE-LAW NO. C.S.303, 2009 Eel fishing is closed until 2012. The prospect of re-opening the eel fishery will be considered at that time, following a review of the data collated as a result of scientific sampling provided for in the draft plan.
• Bye-law No C.S. 303, 2009 prohibits fishing for eel, or possessing or selling eel caught in a Fishery District in the State until June 2012.
• Bye-Law No 858, 2009 prohibits the issue of eel fishing licences in any Fishery District.