Heaviest Fish or Heaviest Bag?

Heaviest Fish or Heaviest Bag?

In every club there is the same old argument between the “dead-baiters” and the “wobbler’s” about which is more important. Overall bag weight or single heaviest fish?

Traditionally all pike competitions, IFPAC Qualifiers and others, would be focused towards heaviest bag with the possible side pool for heaviest fish. We all regardless of our preference will happily concede that a heavy fish is definitely a target but would you prefer 40lbs of fish in 15-20fish or 40lb of fish in 3-4?

At Dublin Pike Anglers we try cater for every types of angler. In every competition we give equal prize and focus to heaviest fish and heaviest bag. We also in our main winter league have 3 positions for heaviest fish which guarantees prizes of equal value to the top 3 positions in the heaviest bag pool, we do however offer more prizes for the lesser heaviest bag positions. To compensate this we also run a Spring League with the sole focus of Heaviest fish over 2 legs. Since the introduction of this system we have seemed to have a happier bunch of lads on the bank. What are your thoughts? Would you or do you compete differently? Let us know in the comments below.

Our spring league is starting this Sunday 14th of May and there is still plenty of time to join the club to get in on the action!

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