Record pike

60lb fish… do they exist?

On a recent fishing outing I got talking to an old farmer about the his tales of the legendary pike landed when he was just a boy. He laid claim to a record pike of 60lbs and about 6 foot in length being landed by a friend of his on meager tackle using very outdated techniques. It was easy for me to cast his story aside as an old mans exaggerations but what if he was telling the truth?

World record pike

Interested in the prospect of mega pike I took to google. The official world record is 55lb 1oz. caught in Germany in 1986 by angler Lothar Louis and was caught on a spoon no less.

world record pike
55lb 1oz. German Pike

There have been other mammoth pike reports larger than this but none  have been properly ratified. In Germany many anglers would tell you the rightful world record is held by Arno Wilhelm. His pike measured 57″ and weighed 67 lbs. This magnificent pike was caught from an abandoned stone quarry in Germany in 1983. Sadly it wasn’t returned!

67lb 4oz pike
67lb 4oz possible world record.

Italy has also proven to be a place for majestic pike. The Italian National record is just 1 oz short of a world record, coming in at 55lb’s. This fish, caught on Lake Maggiore in 2006 is truly a spectacular fish.

55lb Italian pike
The Italian stallion of pike

But what about Ireland?

Well the Irish record, pictured below, is held by Larry Kelly. His mammoth fish came from White lough in 2005 and tipped the scales at massive 42lb 12 oz.

Irish pike record 42lb 12oz
Irish pike record 42lb 12oz

But the tales of giant Irish pike does not rest here. In the early 70’s the records were reset as it was deemed the measurement process was not stringent enough. The old pike record stood since 1920 and listed a 53lb monster pike from lough Conn. Again the legends of great Irish pike do not end there! There are many stories of two great Irish pike to 90 & 92 lbs. These fish were reportedly captured in the late 1800’s on Lough Derg. Call me a pessimist but I can’t imagine there is much truth or accuracy to the accounts for the last two.

My Conclusion

Maybe the old man told the truth, and seeing the fish above there is no real reason to totally doubt him either. For me the only real question is, are those big girls still out there?

The sad reality for me is the health of the river and lakes in Ireland have unquestionably diminished since the 1920’s. The shoals have become smaller, the salmon and sea trout runs more sparse and scarce,  the availability and quality of food is just not what it used to be. I don’t think a 60lb fish can be sustained anymore, but who knows maybe the next cast will change my mind.

I would love to hear your accounts of big pike plus see the pics if you have any.


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2 Replies to “Record pike”

  1. Pike that i hooked and lost in Poland, Skępe, was much bigger than any pike picture there or elsewhere.
    That was my first holiday ever, i was just 12 years old, my brother is 2 yeras older, it was a holiday in monastery of Bernardins, next to monastery they have small lake size about 20m on 25m, it was hand made about 150ya, deep about 5m, with warmer water than in lakes next to.
    First two days of our 10 days holiday we had not a bite, then everything in our minds has changed, till i saw that monster pike i was sure that i hooked big piece of wood, becouse there was not a move from fish, fish was not fighting a bit, when fish shows my hand beginn shaking, there was just one move of that fish head, that mammy break my 21 kg braid easly……:( i remember that biiig head and teeths when fish shaked its head over water line..
    During that holiday we cought 3 pike over 100cm, one 101, and 2 times same fish 108cm, but it was babies compared to this fat monster, about 140cm, reallllly faat!
    No one have to belive me, this was fish of my life, greather than Poland or probably world record pike, no picture or video, just in me and my brother heads…

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